‍🙋‍♂️ Hi, I am Hugo and I am a software developer

👨‍💻 I mainly do Android in Kotlin

👨‍🔬 The rest of the time I like to experiment and learn different technologies.

🏗 I have built projects in Swift for iOS, and in Node, MongoDB, Vue and React Native.

📃 You can find my CV here, or check out some of my projects here 👇

Main Projects


#1 Germany's Couponing App
🤖Android🔷 Kotlin🛁 Clean

Andalusien Rundreise

Andalusia Multiplatform travel App
🤖Android🍏iOS⚛️React Native

Task Fighter

The Beat'em up Calendar-Todo list

Latest Projects

La Gomera

Android app development and Backend Data Structure

Easy Luggage

Custon Responise Web Site.

scondoo iOS

New scondoo app using Swift, RxSwift, and applying a new design

Personal Projects

Kotlin Awakens

Open Source Android project with Clean Architecture and Kotlin.


Open Source Android View who plays url audio media.


Web App with search and flash cards in just 1 javascript file.

Some Android Projects I participated in


Support of the team of the official HotUKDeals Android App


Main Android developer of the rebuy App


One half of the develpment team of the WWH Android App


One third of the team making LearnCoachies game in LibGDX

Voice Alerts

I teamed up with my friend Alex Corbi to make this TTS Android app


The first Android app I made. 6 years ago.

Some book summaries I did

Effective JAVA

Summary of thes Effective Java 2nd Edition by Joshua Bloch

Pragmatic Progr...

"The Pragmatic Programmer" by Andrew Hunt and David Thomas


"Refactoring: Improving the Design of Existing Code" by Martin Fowler


Do you want to work together?

Send me a tweet or write me an email to hugo.matilla@gmail.com